We are committed to growing and exporting the World’s finest THC and CBD compounds from low cost countries.

Growth Model

4C LABS is pursuing an economic model that focuses on low cost production & pharmaceutical partnerships to supply international medical markets as well as EU GMP flower production for the medical market worldwide.

Cost Effective Production

Our naturally grown Colombian Cannabis will become the benchmark for Cannabis production worldwide at 1/10th the cost of our closest northern competitors.


Our Growers

Our strength starts with our growers. 4C Labs has some of the best growers in the Cannabis world. Our growers have over 25 years of growing experience in the Cannabis capital of Canada, British Columbia. Home of B.C. Bud. Our grow team have over 400 special strain formulations for both low THC and high THC plants and a personal lifelong dedication to the art of growing Cannabis.


Focus on Quality

There has been a rush to size in the industry at the expense of quality. At 4C Labs we will strive to produce only best in class products in every category we produce. Our growers formulations sell at over market value and have for the past 20 years. Making their brands some of the most sought after in the world.


Colombia and Beyond

Our founders discovered that Colombia has the perfect combination of ideal growing conditions combined with a willingness of Colombia’s people and government to participate in this dynamic and rapidly growing industry. We have expanded that model to Paraguay and will continue to seek partnerships in low cost environments like Ecuador and Mexico.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We are developing partnerships with local indigenous peoples. In Colombia we are working with the Misak, a group who have lived in Colombia for 10,000 years. The Misak follow a Life Plan and through their agricultural roots and strong community make ideal partners in our business.


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