Low cost production for Pharmaceutical manufacture & Industry.

4C Labs is positioned to be the largest exporter of THC and CBD products in Colombia.

Areas of focus and distinction:

  • Low cost Medical THC / CBD production.
  • Partnership with EU GMP, FDA, Health Canada Pharmaceutical manufacturer.
  • Low cost industrial production of CBD / CBG.

Agri-Industrial and Cannabis Joint Venture

1 ha.
Agricultural Land

Initial production footprint

1 KG

Estimated in 2019


Joint Venture facilities and locations.
  • 16 hectare farm with 160 000 sq. . greenhouse.
  • Extraction Building.
  • 2.3 kms of razor wire fencing.
  • CBD seed production: 2 million seeds per year.
  • 57 600kg biomass per year.
  • Signed J.V. Agreement.
  • 100 ha flat indoor/outdoor THC & CBD.
  • 20 km from Bogota International Airport.
    Next to military base & police headquarters.
  • Initial Production 8000kg of CBD oil.
  • 30,000kg/yr of medical THC oil.

The Misak have lived in the Andes in Southwest Colombia for over 8000 years.  The Misak people were subjected to Spanish Colonization from the 16th to the 20th centuries.

The Misak developed a Life Plan in the early 80s and have followed that plan through to the present.

They have reclaimed their territories, developed traditional language teaching, founded a Misak University, developed community businesses and reclaimed their place in the world.

4C Labs and the Misak have formed an alliance to develop a joint Cannabis business that is built on the foundations of their culture.

Initial production on 168 ha of land.
600 000 kg annual CBD production.

The JV Group

  • 50 000 ha of palm oil plantations.
  • Supplies 1.6% of the world palm oil market.
  • Produces 40 000 tons of Biodiesel annually.
  • Supplies Dole with 1 million cases of banana annually.

Licence Issue

September 2019